IBHF Barrel racing World Cup

The 2013 IBHF Barrel racing World Cup was held on October 2013 in Yinchuan China and hosted by NBHA China. With participation of riders from 22 countries together it was the biggest international Barrel racing World Cup ever organized. Participating countries were: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Singapure, Slovakia, Spain, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela. IBHF Europe was represented by 2 riders and one team coach from 9 European countries. The organizators from NBHA China made great job by offering transportation, food and hotel services to all contestants as well as they prepared group of  more than 30 barrel racing horses for this competition!

world cup eauropean riders

World Cup Results

The IBHF Barrel racing World Cup Rules where set by organizators from NBHA China. The main idea of the competiton was to make the race fair to all participants, therefore were always competing 2 riders from 2 countries against each other on the same horse, and the winner of the duel was going to the semifinals and finals.


china world cup


The winner of the 2013 IBHF World Cup was team of Brazil. Second place goes to Venezuela. Countries qualified for semi-finals were: Singapure, Chille. Quarter finals qualifiers were: Australia, China, Canada.


brazil team

Winnig team from Brazil.

More photos from 2013 IBHF World Cup in Yinchuan China you can find in photo album when following this link on facebook!

IBHF World Cup 2014

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