International Barrel Horse Federation Europe

International Barrel Horse Federation EUROPE, IBHF EUROPE, is a non-profit European federation, composed of non-profit national Federations or Associations of 9 European Countries, that promote and regulate the sport of Barrel Racing and Pole Bending in Europe.

The objectives of IBHF EUROPE:

To promote, develop and actively support the organization of the sport of Barrel Racing and Pole Bending in Europe, to organize courses, camps, competitions and training for riders, judges and trainers of member federations.

world cup barrel racing
To decide on the competition rules used in international competitions in Europe which are sanctioned by IBHF EUROPE and tender, sanction and organize international Barrel Racing and Pole Bending championships in Europe, including IBHF EUROPE European Championships.
To promote closer links by its member federations and between member federations and other sports organizations and to collaborate with the world wide governing body for Barrel Racing and Pole Bending, International Barrel Horse Federation, IBHF and National Barrel Horse Association and NBHA USA.

Board meetings

The last IBHF Europe Board foundation meeting was hold in October 2013 in  Yinchuan, China.

Next meeting is planed on May 2014 during European Championships in Reggio Emilia, Italy.



China board meeting

Recent Events

All IBHF Europe members participated in the IBHF Barrel racing World Cup that was held in Yinchuan China, in October 2013. It happened first time that in the event of this size participated 18 riders from 9 European Countries!

World Cup Barrel Racing 2013 China

Member Countries

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