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Basic info   world cup china 2013
Official seat IBHF Europe has been registered in Italy and has been constituted according Italian Civil Code.
Language The official language of IBHF EUROPE is English.
IBHF EUROPE is recognized by IBHF as the continental federation governing the sport of Barrel Racing and Pole Bending in Europe.
Administration The general assembly of IBHF Europe is the supreme and legislative organ of IBHF EUROPE. The Board of IBHF Europe is the executive body and consists of 3 elected members: The President, The Vice President and The General Secretary.
Foundation IBHF EUROPE was founding in Yinchuan 15th of October 2013
Members The foundation mambers of the IBHF Europe are 9 European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. IBHF Europe is open for all the associations of european countries that are supporting and promoting the sport of barrel racing and following the NBHA rules.  
More info You can find more info in the Bylaws of IBHF Europe in Download section or by contacting us directly.

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